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Special day

Today is a very special day because today I start this blog with lots of love for all of you.

My task is showing you my passion for fashion, teach you how to value yourselves without fitting the canon and defend women with curves.

Because fashion and beauty don’t come with a specific size. There is only the desire to emphasize and appreciate each millimeter of our body, making our style different and unique. Leaving our complex aside and taking out the positive things from them.


Nobody is and feels perfect; those who boast perfection are generally the ones who don’t accept themselves, and that is something that causes a lot of problems in the long run. We all would like to change something, to improve certain things but we are like we are, let’s learn to live with it and make the most of our imperfections.

My duty in the blog, aside from you walking with me and getting to know the fashion world from a close and personal point of view, will be making you happy and helping you grow, fight and love your body.

I know is not easy. But together we will make it!


Autumn cut out

The outfit that I have chosen for the opening of the blog is perfect for this autumn days. The “cut out” dress is from Zara Woman (Autumn collection), it is a type of neckline than shows exclusively the shoulders, the rest is covered. The elastic band that goes below the chest is perfect to enhance the bust and provides the dress with a fall that camouflages and stylizes the hips and thighs. It’s a shape that looks good on any silouette.

A lot of curvy women want to hide parts of our body that we are not comfortable showing. The focal point today are the arms but these types of dresses and blouses are great for masking the voluptuousness in that zone and show a smooth and beautiful skin.

Brown and kaki colors give this outfit a special touch and take me again to my favorite colors of all time.

The small prints help to give an optical illusion that narrows our figure, making it more stylized.

In this case, I have played with an Oversized jacket from Michael Kors in an orange color that is perfect for all those of us who are very white of skin and need something to give us some light and color; however it compliments any skin color.

The shoes, like the jacket, are the focus of attention and help giving us an elegant style, but you can also wear some “ankle boots” with heel or flat and they will give us a casual and informal touch.

I hope you enjoy the outfit as much as me!

Kisses for all, I hope you have a great week.

Meanwhile, dress with color and live with a lot of love.



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