How many times does life give us challenges that we almost always think we can’t overcome. How many times do we ask ourselves if it is worth fighting and doing everything possible or surrendering in the face of adversity.

At some point in our existence we all ask ourselves questions that have no answer or we believe that at that moment it does not have an answer and that is that human being is like that, stubborn and scary by nature.
The good thing is that, although sometimes you see it impossible, everything can be achieved and that is why today I want to show you the thing that I had to submit to recently and how happy I felt to get it.
It is good to free ourselves and do something that we believe we cannot achieve because, although the mind plays tricks on us, our body responds positively.

During Easter, my boyfriend and I went to the south of France. We needed to disconnect and after two days, before returning home, we decided to visit the Dunes of Pilat.

At first, when we arrived it seemed like climbing the dunes was easy but nothing could be further from the truth. You reach the edge of the sand and you notice how high and steep the dune is and you feel uncomfortable all over your body and you wonder, will I be able to do it? I don’t think so.

And what a habit of not trusting ourselves; of wanting to give up before trying, perhaps for fear of failure.

I always tell you how important we are to ourselves when we make decisions that change our lives and that must be the reason why we must fight and continue with our dreams.

Well, an hour later and having stopped dozens of times, I succeeded.

I decided to do it, my mind wanted to stop me but it was then that I showed him that I was going to achieve it. And I did it. Because there is nothing and no one in this universe that should handle our body and mind, not even us.

My boyfriend was there all the time, waiting patiently because he knew I was going to make it, because he trusted my strength. After all, life makes things more difficult for us to overcome and taking into account everything I’ve been through… Why shouldn’t this be just another goal?

And how important it is also to surround yourself with those who bring out the best in you; those who tell you that you can achieve it, no matter how hard the journey. Of those who pull you in those little moments where your mind wants to deceive you. How important it is to fill your life with positive and cheerful people, who help you. That makes you be a better person. More human.
And without a doubt, I have the best life companion. He who makes me grow and we complement each other in such a way that nothing is impossible.

For this occasion, apart from wanting to surpass myself a little more, I wanted to show you the marvel of landscape that you see when you climb to the top and, thanks to the effort, I can show you these incredible views that make you dream. Dream of everything. Because to achieve it only depends on you, nothing or nobody else.

The dress that I chose for it, is this preciousness of Roxy. A steamy dress and super comfortable that fits your body, whatever your shape. The elasticity of the chest provides mobility and confidence.

The brown or orange tones give us warmth and feel great to any complexion, be as white as me or if you skin have more color. No doubt a basic garment for this summer that can not miss in our closet.

I hope you have loved it and that you tell me what your next challenge is going to be, because without a doubt you will achieve everything you propose.
Until next week and in the meantime, dress with color and live with much love.

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