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How difficult it is to turn older and how hard it is to know that the thirty year mark is around the corner.

Like many people (especially women) when they reach the third decade of life, it is when they begin to experience more changes, whether in the sexual, working or emotional area. If you have not yet fulfilled the 30, like it is my case, you should only focus on what you can and wish to achieve before reaching that age.

Although I still have two years until I reach them, living in a society where your age is linked to your physical and fertile state makes getting older a nightmare.

Those meals, dinners and family events where everyone asks when is the wedding, where are the children and even the grandchildren. Those absurd moments full of selfishness and false smiles so that they stop talking gibberish should be banned.

How many times do we have to show that a woman is not more of one for having children but for the goals she is achieving over the years?

Let`s not deceive ourselves; Being in love, getting married and forming a family is an ideal and the dream of many (including mine) but before all that, there should be the desire to grow, to better oneself each day, to find and know new things, to travel, to soak up dozens of cultures, study; to work to feel fulfilled as a person and not to feel like we are money factories, (…).

Let´s learn to know how to distinguish between real and imaginary happiness and help ourselves to turn those imaginary dreams into a reality.

As I always emphasize, the best secret about perfect fashion is the one in which you are yourself and dress to be comfortable and look how you want, and not to please anyone.

Is there fashion to differentiate ages or ages are the ones that differentiate fashion?

Everything is based on what is inside you and what you want to convey. It is true that according to how old we are, certain garments are more appropriate than others but the priority is in the balance. The balance between sensuality and elegance, between color and sobriety, between transparencies and femininity.

Be what you want to be and dress as you want to feel.

Yesterday, on September 7 I turned 28 and even if I fear it, I’m happy because I know that all time invested is a winning experience and more so if you do it surrounded by cheerful and positive people who want the best for you.

Today I bring a different Post compared to what you are used to but mind you, clothes will never be missing. The outfit today is a simple of wrinkled velvet dress from ASOS (new) in mustard color that I love, but it is so big that you must make sure is in your correct your size so that it is not too wide.

The skater cut looks great on anybody because it gives volume to those who need it and conceals the curves by stylizing the figure. It is comfortable and the feel of it is soft and fine; the shoes are from Stradivarius (old) with a medium heel and little crystal details, although they don’t show enough in the photos.

I hope you liked it and that you expect eagerly next week’s post, it will be a very special one.

Meanwhile, dress with color and live with a lot of love.

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