A space for curvy girls

Where forget absurd complexes and be proud of our bodies

Hello everybody! My name is Janire Azkueta. I have been a model since 2003 and a Plus Size professional model internationally since 2007.

With a long and experienced trajectory, the effort, the passion for my job and a little bit of luck, have helped me come to FORD MODELS, one of the best agencies in the world, with divisions in Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, París.. and whose central headquarters are in New York. I have been in features in VOGUE New York/Milan, I have model for brands like Couchel and Elena Miró, among others.

I am a dynamic and hardworking woman, faithful to its principles and very positive. I consider myself cheerful, close and with a lot of character.  A simple person bur with dreams and ambitions, and I always fight to reach my goals.

In all of this years I have met big colleagues in the field, ones who have helped me, teached me and showed me everything I know until now, the hard work and sacrifices that you have to make to reach the top. I have learned that primarily you have to be humble, have personality and respect the work of others.

My vision of the life in this sector is filled of light and positivity for others, fight to reach my goals, walk slowly but with a firm step, to achieve that the fashion is not only more than a thin body from where you hang a garment, but a sculpture with volume that fills and gives form to the clothes. That each person should dress with comfort and personality, without massive clones.

We are in a complicated field where generally a woman finds a thousand obstacles and complex to overcome. We believe that the perfect body is the one imposed by designers, where the feminine image is one of extreme thinness.

After hundreds of mobilizations, advertising campaigns and lots of effort where the curvy women set a beauty canon that goes beyond a body without curves, there is still a long way to go, where we will have to keep working hard, and now more than ever we must unite and fight to be valued as we deserve, without distinctions, being a big set of different beauties for all tastes.

My main objective is you. I want you to fight, to work beside me and smile each day as if it were the most special. I want you to put your hands up as you wake and tell yourselves that nothing and nobody is going to stop you from reaching your goals.

I want you to share mine and together we will make this society better, without physical prejudices.

I want to help you love and respect yourselves above anything else and above all I want you to know the fashion world through my eyes.

We are going to make it!

We are going to make it! We are going to live without complex, go shopping and flatter our bodies, whichever they are. We are going to break barriers and make the whole world fall in love with us. We are going to make plus size fashion as important as the traditional one.

Because we are all able to participate in this big world and I want to show you that.

Through the blog I'm going to provide solutions for all who want it like useful everyday advice, private and personal help for special occasions or events, monitoring a healthy lifestyle, private training, motivation and psychological help, plus size fashion personal shopper….

  • Help remove you complex
  • Teach you to how to make most of yourselves, and inform about the latest trends
  • Give advice about fashion without relinquishing comfort and personality
  • To motivate you to have a healthy lifestyle
  • To make people enjoy life and be happy
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So stay and enjoy the journey, together we will do something big!

Its over!

We are going to start enjoing , loving, valuing, feeling sexy, walking strong shaking our hips, looking ahead without fear or worries.

From here I want to encourage you to know me, and with my steps could give you that little push that you need to get up and be happy.