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Since the beginning of the year I have been explaining how the Inditex group has started to bet on the production of Oversize garments and sizes up to XXL in several of their most ‘ in ‘ garments.
And you are all aware that there is still a long way to go, where the big industries bet on a fashion for all but, in the meantime, running away from the dreaded specialty shops where many do not find the look that represents their personality, the Amancio Ortega team understands the importance it has for women with curves to be able to dress fashionably, With very similar designs to what we usually see in the best catwalks by the hand of great designers.

This fall, as it was with summer, styles treasure a series of characteristics that point to the mainstream.

Why is this done?

Mainly because many of these clothes have been seen in runways and street style. It also happens that many firms of all kinds have decided to include them in their collections. Last but not least, that all have the ability to create impacting looks in a matter of seconds mixing them with basics, making these styles a trend.

Each of the garments involved in these fashion equations are of paramount importance, both the apparently prosaic and the pure tendency. I’m warning you, and although it is very likely that these looks will be glimpsed in the streets, the selection of clothes that we do has to be understood as a guide that inspires us in those days when we have no idea what to wear, even when we have a lot of clothes. That said, get paper and pencil, save in favorites or start making screenshots whenever you see the outfit with which you feel more identified because it will be your ally to look great.

If you consider yourself one of those advantaged students in fashion, you probably already know one of the hits of the season, it is probably already in your closet. The nude pink tone can be unusual for a pair of trousers, but it has also softened the fabric and, by the way, has offered a great alternative to the brown and rust colors in which the fabric is usually presented this season. Next to a basic knitted sweater (better in gray) and a jean jacket, the resulting equation is simple but more than appealing. The Master touch? Strass earrings that, this time, work perfectly.

As we still have a lot of autumn ahead and I will bring these new and unusual outfits to see how you feel, this week I could not resist the temptation again to show you a floral dress, but in this case, a very special one.

It’s from the new season of ZARA WOMAN (new) and promises a lot. Between the print that links the velvet to create a very soft and eye-catching texture. The lining can be changed to another color to give it a different background and it looks great.

The best thing?

You have it available on the web up to the XXL size (it is very wide so if you use a size 50, you are lucky because you will look great.) Its breadth of arms, chest, elasticity in the waist and flight are perfect for those who want to check and acquire for the first time a dress from Inditex having an EU size 50. (In my case I’m wearing an L).

Its earthy colors are perfect for autumn and it is combinable with a leather jacket, a coat or a sweater. Perfect for day or night .What else do you want! I’m sure you’ll love it and I encourage you to try it.

The shoes are from ZARA WOMAN (from the summer season, old) very comfortable because of the wide heel, and the square point does not squeeze the foot.

I hope you try and fall in love with these incredible dresses as I do every time I see them.

Until next week and meanwhile, dress with color and live with a lot of love.


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