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Many times when we go shopping or just walk around looking at shop windows, we end up looking dumb, wishing on that garment we always wanted to have, but we never took the step of buying believing that it wouldn’t look good on us because we have extra kilos.

In my case, that “forbidden” garment was the jumpsuit. Whether it’s long or short, having a big abdomen and a tall body was my biggest nightmare. Everything was highlighted and my insecurities were everywhere.

The advancement of fashion in plus size garments has been such that nowadays it is very easy to find any garment made for almost anybody. That’s why we are more eager to try those garments that years ago we thought we couldn’t use.

The 2017 spring-summer trends like in previous years, they bet on the return to of the jumpsuits as the basic garment of our summer wardrobe. This year the short jumpsuits stand out, ideal for the hottest days of the summer, casual inspiration with floral, ethnic or Boho print.

It all started in 1919, the Italian designer Ernesto Thayaht began to design his most famous work, “La Tuta”, the most innovative clothes of the decade, produced in the history of Italian fashion, with the help of his brother he launched the new design in 1920 and the pattern was published in the newspaper “La Nazione”, it was then when the jumpsuit became accessible to all women. It was conceived as a practical element for everyday clothes and was adopted as a trend by the Florentine society.

The term jumpsuit defines a garment that comprises one piece, the body and the trousers. First, it was adapted to the working sector and later it was introduced in the sportswear for its comfort, giving the last step in the decade of the 20s, decade in which they were designed to be worn by the women of those times.
They began being used as summer clothes, creating a leisure and beachy style inside the house for emancipated and liberal women. Since CHANEL designed the flared sailor pants in the 1930s, the jumpsuit began to win positions in fashion and women who wanted to be independent and informal bet on this versatile and comfortable garment.

Its ethnic origin has loose trousers in Chinese crepe fabric. During the 30s the French society was plagued by Russian emigrants and its influence was evident … As well as the Russian ballets and theatres that performed successfully in Paris

In World War II, many women began to work in factories to replace the men who enlisted. It was a comfortable garment, ideal for work and American women began to become familiar with this garment.

Later, the denim fabric was incorporated into the jumpsuit in the 1950s, as part of the “American fashion”, and it became a favorite of the Californian hippies and basic garment of pregnant women, combining them with T-shirts or tops.

The most striking ones were the jumpsuits of the 1960s-70s, made with sophisticated materials like velvet, lurex or shiny fabrics, proposed by the most avant-garde London fashion. The designer Giorgio Sant Angelo, partner of Rudi Gernreich worked with the brand “DUPONT” to produce Lycra jumpsuits, which fit the body. They were made in psychedelic prints and were the response of fashion to body paint.
After that, in the decade of the 80s Versace proposed very feminine jumpsuits highlighting the figure of the woman at the waist and hips with the tight design of their trousers and artistic motifs … to this day in their diversity of styles, we can choose the perfect model for every occasion and we’ll always look great. It can’t be missing in our wardrobe and that is because it has earned a seat between the basics of any closet, because it fits all bodies.

Do not be afraid to bet on tight clothes because today, considering the fabrics that can fit us better, any garment is another option that we should take into account. Even though there will always be better garments than others depending on the different curves, do not fear, basics will never go out of fashion.

Today’s Outfit is a simple but precious jumpsuit with bright star details and a ruffle at the waist , it is from H&M (new) and it is available up to the size 46 and is quite baggy. The rose leather jacket is from ZARA WOMAN (old), it was a hit in its mustard toned version, and it brings color and softness if we don’t want to have a dark or monochrome look. The boots are from MANGO (on sale) they are very comfortable and you can use them daily, although you can use other type of shoes or sneakers depending on the Outfit that you want to achieve.

I hope you liked the Post and that you have an amazing week.

Until next week, and meanwhile, dress with color and live with a lot of love.

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