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Yes, I have a serious problem with the dresses but I can’t help it! The garments with a skater cut are the ones that look best on me and with which I feel more comfortable.

Since I started the blog I have been explaining that the Inditex group has started betting on the production of Oversize garments and a sizing up to XXL in several of their more ‘ in ‘garments.

The big industries have also been immersed in the concept of ‘ a fashion for all ‘ but, in the meantime and until the concept is assumed as something normal, moving away a little from the feared specialized shops where many do not find the look that represents our personality, the team of Amancio Ortega among others ,has understood the importance of wanting to dress in fashion for all the women with curves, with designs very similar to what we usually see in the in the best catwalks by the hand of amazing designers.

This winter, like it happened in the previous ones, the stylings hoard a series of characteristics that point to the mainstream.

Why does that happen?

Mainly because many of these garments have been seen for a long time on catwalks and street style. It also happens that many firms of all kinds have decided to include them in their collections. Last but not least, that all of them have the ability to create stunning looks in a matter of seconds mixing with basic garments makes these types of stylings a trend.

Each of the garments involved in these fashion equations are of paramount importance, both the seemingly prosaic and the purely trendy. I’m warning you, and although these looks are likely to be glimpsed in the streets, the selection of clothes that we make has to be understood as a guide that inspires us on those days when we have no idea what to wear, even having a lot of clothes threaten to win.

If you consider yourself an expert in fashion, you probably already know one of the hits of the season and it is already in your closet. The pink nude tone may be unusual for trousers, but it has also sweetened the fabric and, incidentally, has offered a great alternative to the brown and maroon colors in which the fabric is usually presented this season.

As we still have winter ahead, this great dress from Michael Kors could not missed on my blog, another of the internationally renowned designers who knows how to dress real women. This particular garment is in an M-L size and is not within the plus size collection (mainly because it is more than three years old, and their plus sizes haven’t been commercialized in Spain until recently), but the cut and flowynes provide comfort and adapt to any curve.


On its website, you have several sizes available (not all garments but many, depending on the amplitude and the cut, the L gives up to a 48). The animal print has never been to my liking, I think I could not bear to wear a garment like that (for now, but I am a chameleon and someday I may jump into the trend) but in this case, is subtle and the colors are mixed together to make the pattern smooth and uniform. I just saw it, it captivated me and I had to buy it. Nowadays is one of my star dresses and is never missed in my winter wardrobe.

I hope you liked it and that you have a nice week, for my part, I’m late with the Post!

Until next week, and meanwhile dress with color and live with a lot of love.

I love you

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