Special Christmas


Who would have told me a year ago that after all these months I would still be here with all of you. I am thrilled to share one of my favorite times of the year because even though the loss of our loved ones may taste bitter in what should be a joyful day of family reunion, my goal is to fill you with love and affection so that you never lose the Christmas spirit.

This season is very special to me, I relive the happiest moments of my childhood and even if life puts us difficult situations, I try to soak in light and happiness these weeks. I’m not talking about consumerism or falsehood, I’m talking about opening my most sensitive part, my inner self. That somewhat peculiar and childish facet that makes my eyes shine with any small detail. I love to spend hours decorating my house, filling it with ornaments, lights and a lot of glitter (Don’t worry, I do not throw it on the floor, because I would die cleaning it up, ha-ha), making the sweets that both my family and friends love, and dressing (however ridiculous it seems to some people) with sweaters full of reindeers or Christmas motifs.

Is there a lot of variety in terms of fashion?

When we are in a season with its own and defined style, it is difficult finding varied garments because the colors that predominate on these dates are always red, black and gold. Velvet continues to be the main fabric continues (I will never be bored, it is the star fabric of my wardrobe) and the sequins take a firm step to contribute with brightness and glamour to the look.

For those of you who are bored of these colors… be calm, because this year there is much more variety; Multicolor sequins, Metallic garments and Velvet are intermingled with textures for all tastes.

As a new festive color we add the emerald green that combines perfectly with golden shades in the form of accessories.

Do you know which are the fashionable colors for these 2017 holydays?

As I said, every year we find two typical colors that never go out of fashion during these dates; there are all kinds of garments and accessories in these colors to male you look perfect, but we must add blue, green or Bordeaux as a second option to the classic . On another note, we cannot forget the brighter tones; the gilded and metalized ones are on top of the list, because a lot of women like to wear them during Christmas and especially when New Year’s Eve comes.


If you want to wear black during this Christmas, but you consider it too sober, you can choose a black dress as a main color, but asymmetrical and in pleather, to create a rebellious effect (in Couchel you have a perfect example of one, like I showed you in my social media). Those who have lace details, jacquard and other key elements of the autumn winter season, such as Velvet or sequins are a safe bet. Ideal for Christmas Eve.

Another fashionable color for Christmas of 2017 is the emerald or bottle green, a very fashionable color this season and one that you can choose for your Christmas Eve look. In ZARA you have several ideal models from size s up to XXL, green, in velvet and with perfect details like the knot at the waist that helps you tie the dress. It is simple and you can take advantage of it all winter.

And if you really want to choose a “look” that varies considerably in relation to the proposals that we usually see at Christmas, nothing like choosing a camel tone mixed with gold (mustard), because it is one of the hues that will surprise us next year. Proposals that you will find in Couchel (like my last proposal from the catalogue of “El Corte Ingles” that I showed you in my social media), ZARA, Violeta by Mango, Asos and SPG Jenuan among others.

My choice for Christmas 2017

Compared to last Christmas, when I showed you my favorite dress (https://janireazkueta.com/magica-navidad/), this year I bring you a more original and perfect dress for these dates. Some of you will dare, others will think I am crazy but I found it so sexy, beautiful and original that I wanted to wear it as my proposal for this Christmas.

You will find the dress in Asos.com (new), a fun outfit with which you will not go unnoticed, the tights that I like so much are from CALZEDONIA, and the ankle boots are from STRADIVARIUS. You can also use it with XXL boots or stilettos.

I wish you all the best in the world and I hope that although it is not easy, you’ll think of yourselves and begin to enjoy these magical dates. With my greatest whishes I say goodbye and send you all the love of in the world.

Merry Christmas my little princesses, I love you.

Until next week and meanwhile, dress with color and live with a lot of love.

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