Hello babes!!! Yes, I know, I’ve been missing for two weeks, and you haven’t heard from me, don’t worry, everything’s fine. I travel a lot for work and these weeks are getting pretty complicated so thank you for your patience.

A very special date is coming, this Sunday I will fulfill my first year with the blog and I am excited about what I want to show you. This next 2018 I will bring you many surprises and although our community grows little by little, I feel a huge satisfaction having you all.

Thank you for trusting my judgment, for letting me guide you and risking on whenever I tell you, for following my footsteps every day, for wanting to change your life positively, for telling me your experiences and for asking for advice, (…) for all that and much more, I thank you with all my heart.

This began because of a great project, the beginning of a big change where all of you will be participating. I was not aware of all the things that the blog would bring and my greatest happiness are all of you, your testimonials and how happy you are since you read my blog and how you are overcoming obstacles, personal challenges.

Your loyalty is very important and I will continue giving you the best because you are the best.

You will have to wait until Sunday to find out what I’m talking about, but for now let’s talk a little fashion, which is why you are all here with me!

Bodysuits are a ‘must have’ or a total ‘ hater’ for you?

It is a one-piece garment that covers the torso completely, elastic and very tight to the body. Usually used for practicing dance or sports and as feminine underwear. I’m sure many of you have already worn one.

From my point of view they are very comfortable and sensual, but not all you like them. For those who do don’t like them that much…I will never understand. Maybe it is because you have not found one with which you feel flexible, or because the seams dig into or you they enhance certain danger areas that you don’t want to show but … here it is the solution!

This awesome bodysuit, in addition of being made in Velvet (oh my god!…. I love it!!) is light and super comfortable. It adapts to your figure, enhancing your curves but without being skintight or marking those conflict zones that we hate so much. The floral pattern is beautiful and is so versatile that you can combine it with any garment; Jeans, pencil or skater skirts, dressed up pants (…) etc. It is perfect for both a day and night look and for both class and office. The secret is to know which footwear and accessories to use and you will be perfect any time of the day.

This week I bring you a total SPG Jenuan look, from the new Fall/winter 2017 collection, the velvet printed bodysuit that is causing a frenzy, and a pencil skirt combinable with many garments that you can use over and over again. The simple tights are from CALZEDONIA and the booties from PRIMARK (new) for a simple and daily outfit. You can always opt for a pair of XXL boots or ankle boots and some stilettos for a more formal occasion.

I hope you have an amazing weekend and that you wait expectantly for Sunday’s surprise.

Until then, dress with color and live with a lot of love.

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