Giving color to the winter


I think I have never seen color in the window shops in winter and it’s not surprising, the time and emotions go hand in hand with rainy days and low temperatures that are not the best allies for the most striking colors.


You can answer these questions from many points of view, but above all, you can answer with your most personal opinion.

And that is because our favorite has to be the one that makes us feel beautiful. Gray and Black get along great. Neutral colors on this time of the year are more than acceptable, nobody puts that in doubt, but there are other combinations much less unanimous that depend on the ability of each one to try different combinations and believe in them. The best known icons or referents have shown us that any combination of colors is perfectly possible if it is made with meaning, with charismatic garments and with certain details that unify and harmonize that kind of madness in Technicolor.

Like I always say, a firm trend should be everything that we want to wear and what we feel comfortable in, a 2.0 version of our being, but we have to add color. We can clearly state that the fashionable colors on these dates are dark shades such as Bordeaux, bottle green or the whole range of gray, even so, we shouldn’t stop wearing what we want, whether it is timeless or not.

Normally, we are not accustomed to see garments in bright or fluorescent colors, but there is a beginning for everything, and this will be mine.

The special dates, the events that we mark in our calendar can be good moments to try and make more risky combinations. I have always done whatever I wanted… and this time wasn’t going to be less different.

Why are we so afraid to make a difference? When will we leave the fears and prejudices aside to be who we want to be?

I don’t want to be another sheep; it bores me to death having to copy and paste and be one more of the flock that ends up being the bland and boring clone. I want to stand out, be different and (albeit with taste and elegance) create my own trend. Risqué? Yes, do I mind? Well, that´s going to be a no.

In high school I had to try and be like the others so they would accept me; I’ve done everything in the book. I gave up all my interests, whether they were musical, Make up related or pertaining clothes. There were times when I felt so out of place that I preferred to be excluded, so I didn’t have to dress up or behave in a way that did didn’t show who I was. (A chapter of my life that I will tell you about some other time).

I needed a little motivation this week. I didn’t care if it was Monday or Friday. What I wanted was joy, light, color… So I opted for a very colorful Outfit that got me a little bit out of the routine. It is an unusual Look for a weekday, but because the important thing is my happiness… I’ll do what I need to do to smile. Obviously, it is an ideal Outfit for an event without ‘ dress code ‘ or for an after work/dinner setting.

The coral blouse I bought a couple of years ago in Ted Baker, (an English brand that I love) but as they are colors that abound in the spring/summer season, you will find them without difficulty in any store, I’m sure that many of you will have something similar stored in the boxes of your summer clothes. The INCREDIBLE skirt that has me ‘ in love ‘ is from ZARA WOMAN (I bought it shortly before Christmas, it may be still online and on sale in their web), There is another less conspicuous version in black (both have velvet and sequins) that you will surely find in the shop. The coat (one of my star garments that I am passionate about) is from TED BAKER and his dress-like cut looks wonderful. It enhances the waist and it’s very diaphanous. The stilettos are from CUSTOMEUS BILBAO (comfortable, and I showed them in the Post (

I hope you liked it and that some of you dare (the ones who haven’t yet) to you start using the colors you want no matter the season.

Until next week, and meanwhile dress with color and live with a lot of love.

I love you my little buns!

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