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There is almost no time left for the spring to make its stellar appearance and with it weddings, events and others things that come by the hand of it.

And how difficult is for us to get garments with which we are comfortable and shine in the events that we have to attend.

A lot of you have been asking for wedding dresses and/or for events and I understand your concern when I explain how hard it is to get good clothes, nice and affordable. So until now it was impossible, wasn’t it?

Well, here I bring the perfect look for these occasions, because its color and pattern is suitable for any stage of the year, and I also premiere a new post that until now I had not shown. The trends and prices are compatible and what better brand than SPG Jenuan to prove it.

It is a sophisticated Jenuan SPG dress in red with no sleeves, a skater cut and a gorgeous lace neckline, with shiny details at the waist. A minimal design, whose charm lies in its versatility, it looks great with any type of accessories that is why we can give it very different styles in each event.

This family business dedicated to the creation, distribution and manufacture of garments for women of large sizes, is in full swing. Since its beginnings in 1982, they have managed to grow up and get the title of largest distributors of clothing specializing in large sizes in Spain. They are the clear example that with work and effort you can get very high and I am convinced that they will not stop there; they will continue to progress and grow as they deserve.

In this case, I have combined it with these beautiful open satin and red ribbon shoes. The good thing about this dress being so versatile is that it will not turn into another garment of those that remain in oblivion and we only use it once in our life. Combined with a leather jacket or jean jacket, some sneakers or ankle boots, we will get a casual style, being able to take advantage of this beautiful dress.

I would encourage you to try a daring look, adding some fuchsia shoes or maybe teal green. The contrasts in the chromatic range are always a success and you’ll look great. You can use accessories in these colors, with earrings and matching bracelets. In this case I would not wear a necklace because the neckline is beautiful enough and it would overdo it excessively.

Subtle and simple, there’s the magic. Leave the rest to the colors, they will make shine like never before.

I hope you liked it, and be very attentive because soon I will bring you… wedding dresses!

Until next week, and meanwhile dress with color and live with a lot of love.

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