Romantic autumn


What a wonder it is to be able to enjoy landscapes and places full of history where you can disconnect and spend a pleasant afternoon.

Submerged in autumn and with the leaves as the protagonist of a natural showcase, it is impossible to avoid taking a picture of these views and if we add a look as great as the one I bring you this week, even better.

The t-shirts and dresses with corsets are the latest trend this season, and although it seems a bit risky, is very original and is perfect for any of the outfits that we choose.

It Stylizes and thins our figure although you have to be careful because overloading a garment with a lot of prints would not be the most appropriate thing. That is why we must look for monochrome and solid garments so that the result is optimal.

It is a trend that came in the spring, and continues with strength in the new season and is being a success. We will find the corset added in dresses, T-shirts, blouses and tops, but also in belts that we ourselves can personalize and combine with the garments that we like. It is capable of converting a simple oversize t-shirt or a shirt-style dress into a completely different and sophisticated look.

In my opinion, it is not an accessory that I love in excess but I have to admit that the additions in blouses or dresses as part of the fabric are very good and fill you with femininity.

This week’s dress with the built-in corset is from Jenuan SPG (New, You can get it both on their website and in your city’s specialty stores) is perfect and so versatile that we can use it for different styles; Rocker style for the day with a Biker and some ankle boots; chic and working girl with a gabardine and a high or sophisticated boots; and for a cocktail like in today´s example, adding stilettos of fine heels and a jewel bag.

The accessories are definitely something very important and it is thanks to them that we get the perfect Look. This week I could not help showing you the incredible accessories you can find in the Customeus shop in Bilbao, they work with products made 100% in Spain and materials are of the best quality. The price is totally affordable and the deal is unbeatable. The Jewel bag I show you is definitely a great bet. They’re unique and it’s what makes them special. Having accesories like this can enhance our outfits and their Baroque style is similar to the garments and jewels from Dolce & Gabbana. To find similar things to those of big brands is a luxury.

The leather gloves with the fur-lined wrist have a very nice feel, and the stilettos are comfortable, the angle of heel is perfect for those who are not used to wear very high footwear.
This week’s Outfit is suitable for both day and night, and works just as well with informal styles as with more sophisticated ones, so take advantage of the Black Friday and get these wonders! You won’t regret it.

Have a good weekend and I leave you until next week’s post. Meanwhile, dress with color and live with a lot of love.

Whatever your choice is, it can’t be missing in your wardrobe this season.

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