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Oh my god! It’s hard to get back to routine. Some of you will want to kill me for not giving life signs for a few weeks. I would have loved to have done a Post with looks for New Year’s Eve but I had so little time that I barely had room to start writing. Even so, I am back and like every week I will try to show you the best.

Do you have any idea about the changes or purposes you want to achieve this 2018? Have you started with any of them or do you still have trouble taking the leap?

These are typical things in these dates in which we are, we dedicate ourselves to write whole lists of purposes for the New Year but when the time comes the laziness invade us and in the end we end up doing nothing.

For me, this year will be full of projects and millions of things to offer, many trips and products that will be at your fingertips with just one click but to get to that point, first I have to take a couple of steps forward. What is clear and many know is that I cannot help imagining my last day of treatment. I know that there is still a lot left but one of my main purposes is to try and finish it this year, at least the most complicated phase. I’ve been going through a lot for some years and I think it’s time to start a new story.

A new story in my life full of enthusiasm, love and rewards ; Perhaps moving houses to create my personal and professional life, which will also bring relevance and changes with amazing projects that I will be very happy to share with you all.

Ultimately, whatever it takes, I’ll make each and every year better and I will not cease or forsake even when everything is not rose colored. Keep in mind that it is not a matter of luck, or because you use red underwear every New Year’s Eve, your actions and attitudes are the ones that will make your year a good one.

That said… Let’s talk about fashion, which is why you are every week by my side (he he).

What did you wear on New Year’s Eve?

My choice was a Velvet dress (how could I not) from ZARA WOMAN, although somewhat customized. Being a V-neckline and crossed out dress (a cut that looks great on us Chubby girls); I decided to wear it looser it and use a transparent polka doted blouse underneath to create texture. I love playing with my sensuality and being able to show a sexier side without having to show everything.

It is clear that is not for everybody and not all of you would dare to dress like that but… It´s only one night a year… who was going to stop me? Nobody.

I felt great and as because I’m the one who has to feel good with myself… the rest lacked importance.

The dress looks great, the lacing with a skater style flatters everyone and now with the sales… no one can resist, in addition, don’t worry because the neckline can be worn more closed so it is not as open as in the photos. The available sizes go up to the XXL. The tights are from CALZEDONIA and although you can’t see it in the picture, on New Year’s Eve I added some XXL boots above the knee from Zendra Basic (available in “El Corte Inglés”) to the outfit.

I can not anticipate much but I can say that soon you will have wonderful surprises. 

Until next week and meanwhile, dress with color and live with a lot of love.

I love you my little buns!!

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