Family trip


After this intense and frustrating year, I’m back with the batteries loaded.
I want to reinvent myself and show you even more than what I did before; of course, you are part of all of this in a direct and fearless way. I want you to tell me your experiences, what you need from me. Ask for it without fear; I want to help you in everything and as many of you know, you have social media and my mail to express your concerns and I hope that I can solve them with all the love of the world.

My boyfriend (to whom I am very thankful, because thanks to his unconditional support I have become stronger than ever), gifted me a trip to disconnect and spend a few days with one of my best friends whom I love with all my heart.
She lives in Valencia and taking advantage of my trip there, I decided to meet part of my maternal family that I still did not know. It was a very intense day; There were “las fallas” (very important holydays there), for those who have enjoyed them, you know what I’m talking about. I felt very wrapped and loved, by my friend who greeted me with open arms and cared for me, but especially by my loved ones. It seemed like we’ve known each other all our lives. As if time had not passed and we met each other to eat every Sunday.

It was definitely very special and I came with the homework well done. I was able to enjoy wonderful views and in my opinion, incredible photos.


I had long wanted to show you this “animal print “dress.
I personally have never been a fan; Leopard print pants, maxi coats with zebra print… It was unthinkable to me.
However, and as always I say that you have to try to define your personality in terms of fashion, I love dresses and if it is with a garment that you like… Everything is better.

I opted for this beautiful ZARA TRF dress, and although the animal print fashion of arrived long ago, I ask you give me time to get up to date and show you everything I have for you.
I’m sure you can still find it and in two versions; with Short and long sleeves. This pattern is subtle and if I’m being honest, I’m liking this type of print.

I really want to try and innovate, and I would love to show you these groundbreaking looks, because the good thing about “animal print” is that it never goes out of style and even though the years will pass, it will continue to be used by the largest industries. This print has been used again and again, is already invading our closets to add that daring touch to these seasons. I will try, but I want to make clear that you have to take this trends are to your terrain… you don’t have to wear it from head to toe and even less if it does not agree with you, so thread slowly and carefully.

I like to make the look a little bit more informal, with combinations of neutral and black colors, which are a safe bet. Also with colors that the print has in itself, like olive green, mustard, plum or brown. Thus giving the importance that the print deserves without overloading the outfit. For the boldest red, green, blue or purple, they will be trendy and you can even wear them to go buy bread.

But be careful! There is a very fine line between being fashionable and not being it with these prints. I propose to buy a garment and combine it with the rest of your wardrobe, it will be much easier for you and you will not feel like you are wearing a costume. In my case, I paired it with an ideal coat from ZARA WOMAN, from the autumn/winter season to bring color to the outfit, because of the neutral tones of the dress and me being so white, I needed to highlight it with something that brightened it.

I hope you liked it and next week I’ll bring you much more.
Until then, enjoy the weekend and meanwhile, dress with color and live with a lot of love. I love you!

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