Evoking another era


Do you have a hard time choosing a beautiful dress for any occasion and do not know what fabric to choose? A single word: velvet. A velvet dress is all you need to hit and dazzle as ‘ Chubbiestars ‘ in any seasonal event, evoking another time where the queens are you.

Elegant and stylish, velvet dresses are perfect from late fall to early spring. Thanks to its luxurious texture, these garments tend to attract attention. Velvet is a woven fabric that can be cotton, silk, rayon and even wool, which gives us the idea that we can find velvet dresses of different qualities and prices.

How should we wear it?

Let the velvet elegance do all the work. Since Velvet has a rich texture and a remarkable luster, it usually requires simple and classic accessories, too many and excessive ornaments can make the dress unflattering. Leave all the protagonism to the garment choosing only the necessary accessories.

As for footwear, another advantage of velvet dresses is that they are perfect for wearing both a classic shoe and high heeled boots for example.

Add an interesting contrast of textures because the first rule of Velvet is: never mix it with something as rich as velvet itself. In other words, a velvet dress with a velvet bag will not be a good idea, but textures like leather, silk and tweed can be great allies.

As far as colors are concerned, it is best that all fabrics are of similar shades, since this beautiful fabric does not usually work well with excessive contrasts. It is not unusual to find velvet dresses with some lace parts, as this fabric lightens the thick and imposing velvet in an elegant and romantic way.

With accessories and these dresses, I would recommend only one.

If it is the first time you wear velvet, it would be best to follow the first tip of the post and leave all the protagonism to the dress. But if you want to go further and add some complements, then choose a single add-on, but a big one. Why? Because with a fabric so bright and with as much presence as Velvet, if you add a small or fine complement, it will be “lost” in the fabric and will not bring anything to your look.

So it is best to opt for a large accessory and without too much shine or extravagance. It could be a big necklace, but if you have a big chest you will shorten your neck.

In this week’s Post I bring you an incredible dress from ASOS. What it is great is that besides being a skater cut, the small gathered part in the chest looks great and for those who have a very voluptuous cleavage, it will make it look smaller optically, so… let’s enjoy this amazing dress! Suede boots are from MARIA MARE and despite having heels are hyper comfortable.

I hope you liked this post very much. This month I will bring you many surprises and I would love it if you’ll still be here with me.

I hope you have an amazing weekend, I will spend mine traveling.

Until next week, and meanwhile, dress with color and live with a lot of love.

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