Mohair fabric


A year ago I fell in love with a ‘ man coat ‘ from Zara, it was straight (unusual for me because with my curves is a cut that has never grabbed attention) but I loved its color and feel.

I looked for it for a long time without success so I ended up leaving the search. However, just over a week ago my best friend (who knows me very well) discovered this magnificent coat in Mango. We went into the shop to look for it, since she was interested in buying a velvet body that she liked and… Boom! She approached me with this preciousness almost identical garment to the one that I didn’t find the year before.

After the phrase of my dear friend ‘ Janire, do not hesitate, because in the end you’ll end up without it ‘ I bought it.

Mohair coats are fashionable and designers such as Gucci or DKNY (among others) have included them in their collections. It is clear that none of these creators or it girls who wear these outerwear down the street, are afraid to wear the “sheepskin” as the only material in the Coat and not just the lining, adding an absolutely retro touch which is a trend this winter. With dresses, jeans, leather pants or over the knee boots, get your favorite model in this winter material (it has to be said, appropriate for Christmas) but wear it, especially with a lot of volume and in size XXL.

Do not worry if you think it will make you look wider because it has a straight cut, adding volume to the Outfit is perfect to enhance curves. If you prefer the optical effect of the coat, simply use tight and simple garments.

Moreover, you cannot miss the opportunity to get this coat for yourselves; like with all haute couture firms, the low cost fashion adds the most demanded clones to their collections and this garment on sale is a bargain.

The color is amazing; Rose Quartz was one of the fashionable colors of last spring, crowned as one of the most essential so it is not surprising that even though it is winter, it is still in the top 10. Of course this season dazzles us with the mix of bright colors.

The ballet like style has a lot to do with the trend of this magnificent color and is a tone that looks great with almost all skin colors, so it is very versatile.

In winter, you will not find a wide range of shades for your favorite garments if you compare it with spring/summer but if you want to be more original bet on a sweater or a sweatshirt in pink.

Another ‘ must have ‘ to add to the list. In this week’s Outfit as a star garment I bring you a mohair coat, and the way to wear them is, above all, in oversized size. All the colors are allowed, although the beige or baby pink tones dominate above all. This is specifically from MANGO (new) and the best thing is that it is on sale and its price reduced by 60%. The tulle skirt is from PULL & BEAR (old). The High-heeled shoes are from BLANCO (old).

* Janiconsejo: If you wear a total Black look like it is my case, a belt of colorful flowers will bring light and romanticism.

I hope you liked it and that you have an incredible weekend.

Meanwhile, dress with love and live with a lot of love.

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