One of the things I’ve always dreamed about is getting married and forming a family. Since I was very small, I fantasized about designing my own dress; I put a blanket on my head as if it were a veil and walked through the huge hallway we had in the old apartment where I lived until eight years ago.

Of course, I had no weight problems and I always thought I would be skinny so I could wear any ‘ wedding dress ‘ I wanted. As I was getting older and with the disease, the feeling of wearing the dress I wanted was disappearing from my mind, often doubting whether that day would ever come or even if there would be someone crazy enough to fall in love me whatever my physical condition was.

How difficult it is to accept and come to understand that there is a huge world out of our worst thoughts. I have many bad days (and I say many not to say all), usually you try not to draw attention and keep all the shit and pain you have inside but sometimes you cannot avoid it and it explodes almost for anything. How many times have I slept thinking about the hundreds of things I could not get, while without realizing it, I have come to achieve all or almost all of my goals. What idiots we are and how little we value ourselves having everything within our reach.

Why don’t we stop being so stupid and start to get serious?

Enough of absurd lamentations and lets gear up because things do not fall from the sky and luck will go according to your effort and sacrifice. One of my grandmothers always said that behind dreams there are thousands of miles of sacrifice but only a millimeter of laziness to lose everything.

So let’s think about nice things and enjoy this Post because I think you will fall in love with it.

I have been showing you the incredible garments that are trending by the hand of SPG Jenuan for a while, and I am very excited to show you this ‘ wedding dress ‘ that will cause frenzy among lovers of the brand. Those who are not yet acquainted with it, as of today it will mark your lives because they have not only brought a casual collection for this impressive spring/summer, but also have created a marvel of a Couture collection including wedding dresses. How do you stay? Personally I still hallucinate when each collection gives off love everywhere. The way they care to dress us as we want; Elegant, sexy and full of femininity. Sport like or for the most glamorous night of the year. Whatever the moment, they are making it easier for us each time and they are easy to love.

The dress I show you is a sample so don´t be frightened if you notice that the length is not right for you. Of course, each person will have it exactly to their measurements and you will look precious.

How many of you have been refused when entering a bridal shop without asking if you are looking for something or not?

It is something that makes me sick and I do not understand why the heck everything has to be so expensive and so ugly for the curvies. Is it so hard to use a few more inches of cloth? Anyway, if we start debating about it I think we would go crazy not finding any explanation.

Returning to SPG Jenuan, besides having affordable and totally acceptable prices, they bring us this amazing wonder for a lot less than you expect.

So if your wedding is around the corner or you need an outfit for a ceremony…. I don’t think I need to tell you anything else.

I hope that you have an amazing weekend and I’ll see you next week.

Meanwhile, dress with color and live with a lot of love.

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