Nude over nude


When we are dressing ourselves, it is imperative to understand that less is always more. The colors must be complimentary and that’s why we try not to use more than three colors at a time, so we don’t overcharge the Outfit.

Plainness and simplicity help to balance the colors, and is with the accessories where we can play with the shades we desire. A fundamental color that I already talked about last week is the pink Nude. If we could already see it leggings, in all kinds of clothes and footwear, seeing it in Jeans is less common, even so, and although many are afraid of the famous photo of a woman with curves with the flesh colored leggings on, do not be discouraged because it has nothing to do with reality.

It is about storing the necessary information to know how to pair and choose what you feel best in. The nude style has as a premise the combination of colors ranging from lighter beige, almost cream, to intense terracotta or rose hues. Mixing garments in this range of colors achieves delicate and elegant compositions, and it can be used for day, for a party or even as a gala outfit.

While it is not relevant only to clothing, as it also moves to make-up, wearing a natural look, or accessories such as handbags, purses, handkerchiefs, bijouterie, and footwear in this color; this week I bring you a look that fits perfectly in the nude style. This season the proposals with a boho chic air prevail, even the collections with the more minimalist styles of the most extreme designers, have it present in their designs.

Sometimes we see it as outdated or old-fashioned, but that conception is a mistake because for some time the nude has become the favorite color to combine with almost any other tonality, even replacing the classic white. It is very flattering, especially in shoes because the tone of the shoe is similar to the tone of the skin, and consequentially it optically lengthens and styles the legs.

Everything depends on your intention and the other articles or garments with which you mix it with. To give a working girl or casual touch, it could be accompanied by a striking color like red; or you can include it in your outfit with flats or Oxford type shoes; If you want something for a more formal and elegant occasion, you could use it in a long skirt, a lace dress, combined with gold or silver accessories or a pair of stilettos.

In the case of the Outfit chosen for this week, I opted for the Pinkest Nude and I mixed it with white, because it does not kill the color and it adds some texture and tonality to those who have very pale skin. It is perfect for an event or for the office, if you change the skirt for a pair of trousers or a pair of tight jeans.

The blouse is from ZARA WOMAN (new), it is modified for this Look but on another occasion I will show you how it is when is whole because it is worth it. The loop that goes in the back should go under the bust, and has a side fall that looks great on those who have a pronounced hip. The tulle skirt with short lining is from STRADIVARIUS (old) and the incredible VALENTINO shoes that anyone will fall in love with (new), although you don’t have to spend a lot when you have very good copies in big brand shops like UTERQÜE, MANGO or EL CORTE INGLES.

I hope you liked it and that you are impatient to see what I´ll bring you next week. Soon there will be great surprises.

Meanwhile, dress with color and live with a lot of love.

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