Autumn flavor


Casual leather or pleather garments have imposed themselves on our autumn looks.

Fashion moves us to the decade of the more grunge 90s with designs made from sweaters, overlaying of layers and teen looks, but also the laces and details on the sleeves that help us to look stylish with a halo of mystery and romanticism. White and black are the dominant colors of this fashion, but there are other options adapted to the tendencies of the summer season, perfect for halftime outfits, like Bordeaux color, among others.

When the leaves of the trees begin to yellow and a simple gust of wind makes them fall to the ground, when the temperatures are not as stable as in summer (less in the north, here abrupt 10 degree changes in temperature from one day to another are (noticeable at any time) or when the days start shortening and the nights start to get longer, those are without a doubt clear signs that autumn came to our lives.

I love this season, the chubbiest jackets and garments abound in our wardrobe. Still, we can’t end the summer yet, and we have one last chance to wear in the sun all those garments that made us stay so fresh in the very hot days. If we combine them with each other we get a perfect halftime look for a hot day and a rather fresh night.

Velvet has been with us since last year and promises to continue to do, so I advise that if you still don’t have a garment in this fabric, do not hesitate to buy one because you will fall in love completely.

The blend of fabrics has always been the ally for completely monochrome looks; the view of the same color in different fabrics makes each of them stand out so much more and makes it a lot more special.

In fashion there is the rule of three: three colors maximum for a perfect Look. And no, it is not that this forbidden to wear a garment with more colors, I speak of the harmony between them. Using more than three different tones draws attention in a less desirable way so, even though you must dress the way you want to, with these simple guidelines you can be perfect for any occasion.

That rule applies in all areas, either formal or informal.

In today’s Outfit I wanted to show you that harmony of three with a smooth and total working girl look, with a pleather and cotton skirt from ZARA TRF (new), a baby pink velvet blouse (Summer season) and a White & blazer (old) from H&M, the jacket is not very warm, but if it helps us in case the weather of the day turns bad.

The pleather skirts are usually quite elastic, but the good thing about mixing it with cotton is that it helps us to have greater comfort and movement without worrying about whether it rises or moves in excess.

Without further delay my girls, next week the contest of Miss Plus Size Spain edition will be held, in which I have the luck and honor to represent the Basque Country and I will be very nervous, still I will not miss our weekly date and I’ll bring you an autumn style different from today , with prints and ruffles. I will tell you all about the contest and I encourage you to ask all the questions you want, I will solve them next week with a lot of love.

All of this and a lot more next week, and meanwhile, dress with color and live with a lot of love.

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