Liberty of colors


The winter, one of those handicaps that separates the lovers from the heat and the rays of the sun from the rest. It makes us give up the color, the short clothes and other endless activities we want and we hope to do every year.

The colors always take prominence in each season and we tend to hide away the bright ones on very cold days. I love being able to combine winter garments with summer clothes and I have never given up on color if I wanted a striking Outfit that day.

Mustard has never been a color that grabbed my attention too much; I thought I would never wear it until a couple of years ago when I found this beautiful coat from ZARA WOMAN. It has always been a somewhat eccentric color for my taste and despite working on the fashion world; I have always had very clear tastes, without wanting to leave my comfort zone. But the reality is that when you try to change and risk you discover a world full of possibilities with which you can also feel comfortable.

The garments that we are going to use should be useful and comfortable, taking into account also the tones that will flatter us, without making us look like a glazed cake walking.
In my opinion, if we use the contrasts correctly we can get an incredible look, successful and carefree.

In the 90s it was very easy to see contrast of colors and patterns (something that I detest deeply but in certain things is not bad) and to overlap certain prints over others was something very common.

On the other hand, Blue is another of the “in” colors this coming season. We will see it a lot and not buying something in these colors it’s inevitable. One of the virtues of being able to wear them is that they look great on any type of complexion and can be used in both day and night, combining it with colors as bright as mustard yellow.
The ‘ Candy ‘ blue endows our summer wardrobe with sweetness and receives the ‘ Pre-summer ‘ season with open arms.

Associated with freshness, calmness or quietness, it is normal for it to appear in the most serene and refined looks. In winter we will also find it in its total version, crowning outfits from head to toe, but also fused between prints, embellished with appliques and getting into the autumn garments.

Like those jeans that fit curvy girls so well, the trench coat that protects us during the coldest days or those dressed up trousers that have saved us on more than one occasion, I consider that skirts or dresses must also be a timeless garment of our wardrobe, whose style keys depend on the personality of each one and the effect that we want to achieve with them.

In today’s outfit we will turn the cold and colorless garments into a colorful look with a blue shirt from ZARA WOMAN (old) and a lace skirt from MOET (old), a lovely detail that changes a classic outfit transforming it into the chicest. The coat as I have told you is from ZARA WOMAN (old) although you can find a similar one in the new season SS18. The footwear consists on water boots (because walking in heels was almost impossible with so much snow hehe) but with this Outfit you can use stilettos or boots and it will be spectacular.

I hope you liked my proposal this week and I’ll see you next time, I hope you have an incredible week.

Meanwhile, dress with color and live with a lot of love.

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