Velvet ‘must have’ of the year


It is clear that when I put my eyes on something tends to remain permanently in my life and I’m very lucky to know that once again this year, velvet will be one of the main fabrics in the upcoming 2018 autumn/winter campaign.

This means that, throughout the year, Velvet will be the winner among the most appetizing and stylish fabrics of the coming seasons. Capable of elevating any garment to a status of sophistication and extreme elegance, it has the power to turn any look into magic.

Far from being that dull or decayed material that we associate with past centuries, velvet has been reinvented completely slipping in a sublime way into our current era. So much so that it has climbed to the first positions of the most inspiring fabrics for this summer season.

Delicate in appearance and with a more than appetizing feel, is one of those fabrics that we remember like the ideal for special events or glam nights. But we can say categorically that it doesn’t have only this night facet. Now velvet jumps into the streets adapting itself to clothes and accessories suitable for the day, and flooding the most inspiring looks. The street style reign now bears its name; and it’s all because no one can resist its magnetism, for me it is a gift.

Shoes, handbags, coats, sweaters and even trousers. The velvet floods all kinds of garments to dress a stylish and cosmopolitan woman. And the best thing? It does not discriminate by age; it’s completely suitable for everybody.

The key is to choose the velvet garment you want to show and continue creating the look from it. If you want to triumph with a velvet sweater, pair it with skinny jeans. If you prefer some stylish velvet pants, try them on with a white or neutral shirt without excessive prints. However if you are one of those who dare to do everything, yours is a total look in this fabric. The end result will be brutal (but be careful not to overdo it).

On this occasion, the garment I want to show you is a velvet blouse ideal for those who have a complex with their arms. With the incipient entrance of winter, the necklines reveal the shoulders and arms that are claiming their moment of glory. Showing skin is a weapon of seduction when temperature rises, but this winter we will change the more pronounced front necklines for the more sophisticated, timeless and sensual versions: the necklines with drooping shoulders.

The ‘off the shoulder‘ tops have become one of the essential garments in our wardrobe, it doesn’t matter the season and it is undeniable that the lightest dresses and high-flying skirts are the perfect companions for the bare shoulders. In a display of elegance and glamour, the street dresses in chiffon with a ‘ fifties ‘ style and with half-leg length skirts. If, on the other hand, you prefer to show your more seductive side, you will find your lethal weapon in dresses, miniskirts or tighter jeans.

This ideal blouse is from PRIMARK (new), also available in black. This time I preferred to combine it with a black leather skirt from ZARA TRF (old), although you can combine it perfectly with some tight Jeans available in COUCHEL, a tulle skirt or some waxed fabrics that will bring strength to the Outfit.

The ankle boots I have chosen are super comfortable and perfect for any time of the day, they are from Maria Mare (new) like the bag, but you can also use some XXL boots available in Zendra basic in “ El Corte Ingles ” which are very ‘ in ‘ this season, or some basic stilettos.

I hope you liked it and that you don’t waste time and go acquire your ‘ Must have ‘ outfit of the year.

Have an amazing weekend and meanwhile, dress with color and live with a lot of love.

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