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For me, honesty is fundamental and I have always been very clear with you. That’s why I want to explain to you that the fact of being a professional model and living a positive and healthy life is not synonymous with not having complexes.

We all have them, even the most exuberant models or the most muscular men have something they want to change and it’s not surprising. I love and strongly support people who shout freely that they have no complex, that their lives are perfect as they are but I am one of those who believe that we live a lie after another.

It is not about being the least self-conscious, it is about knowing how to live accepting that we are the way we are born, and that with effort and self-improvement we help our interior to grow so that one day, it is reflected in the outside.

We have bad, very bad days. We got up from the bed wanting to stop the time and lock ourselves in our room covering up with the sheets. We cry, we suffer. We have negative thoughts, we believe that the world is going to end and that we must console ourselves with the first thing that is presented to us on the road. Clinging to a remembrance or daydreaming imagining that everything is perfect but,

What the hell do we achieve with this?


And the worst thing is that we know it, but it is easier to feed the ego with negativity than to be happy and to stay in peace. It’s the law of life.

You wonder what magic secret the others have to make their lives perfect, to not have complexes, to be always smiling but the answer is the opposite of what you expect.

At some point in the week, the month, the year … we break down and we feel sad. Sadness is not weakness, it is not fear, it is not a flaw. It is part of our being and being sad helps us to give the push we need to wake up, get up and strive to change our destiny.

Is it written?

I don’t know, but don’t sit there waiting to find out. Try to write your story, be it of love, of triumph, of illusion, of respect, whatever, but do it.

Today I woke up, looked in the mirror and the first place where my eyes went was towards the arms. Another one of my complexes to overcome. Because I also have and fight every day to grow and show my best version. For me, for you, for the whole world. I am not ashamed to recognize it because someday I will remember it as another stage of my life where my tenacity and strength helped me overcome anything else.

Today’s Post is very special for me because I have taken the step and I want to share it with all of you. With all the princesses of the world who fight by my side incessantly to be a better version, without fear and wanting to show themselves as they are. I show you my arms with excess skin, a sign of a long road full of obstacles, where an illness caused my body to transform into something that did me a lot of damage but that has turned me into a fighter.

I have always opted for long sleeves or garments that hid part of my arms. I have incredible dresses without sleeves left in the bottom of the closet but today I want to show you a beautiful one that is very dear to me. It is an electric blue skater cut dress in neoprene fabric from TED BAKER (old) that I combined with some shoes in Vichy print from STRADIVARIUS (old) and a black leather jacket from ZARA TRF (last season) that gives a more informal and rocker style touch to the Look. As I always say, you can change the shoes for some sneakers, or add a high-heeled shoe and an up-do to the Outfit and you will get a total working girl or Sweet Street style look.

I encourage you to show your complexes and see that in the end everything is still the same and the thing that changes is … yourselves.

Until next week, and meanwhile, dress with color and live with a lot of love.

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