Must have color of the year


How happy I feel in these times of the year, when the cold invades our streets, they begin to fill with Christmas lights and the shop windows are transformed into light and color.

The vibrant and eye-catching colors will also fill our looks in the coming months, the time when red becomes the great protagonist of garments and accessories.

Protect your eyes because this fall, vibrant colors in general and red in particular will become the great protagonists of both your day looks and your outfits at night. Dresses, coats, boots, accessories … your entire wardrobe is stained with passion and sensuality.

The red, a must season after season

Let’s dive a little more into this color united by psychology to completely opposite emotions. From love to hatred there is a step and also a color, the red. Associated with all the passions, this warm hue has always been a must in both fashion and culture. So we can see how in China Brides choose this color for their dress, an amulet that celebrates success, prosperity, fidelity and most important… happiness. But this color is not only surrounded by positive aspects because the danger, the hatred and the forbidden are also intimately linked to this tone.

But if there is a terrain in which this tonality has found its maximum expression that is the fashion world, industry in which several firms have made it their insignia. Surely you’ve ever dreamt of wearing a red Valentino dress. The famous designer Valentino Garavani created his own version of red mixing carmine, purple and cadmium red, a color inspired by his visit through the Barcelona Opera. From 1968 until the end of his career, in 2007, this has been the undisputed protagonist of its runways and has since been present in all the collections of the house.

If we make the leap to the cinema, another of the great sources of inspiration for the stylisms of the current women, we find that this tonality has always been very present and associated with elegance and provocation. And it is a color that we love and we cannot avoid using it in our daily lives.

In its monochrome version or using it in brushstrokes, it is clear that the red feels great and brings luminosity even with washed face. If you have a day in which you do not want to work too much on your look, using a little mascara and a red lipstick will give you warmth and will fill you with light and passion.

Today’s Outfit is one of my favorites, a total look from Inditex. The dress from ZARA WOMAN is wonderful, the swimming pool green makes the red stand out and the colors blend perfectly, the boots are from STRADIVARIUS (new), ideal to complement a basic Outfit with jeans or give a more boho chic touch to autumn dresses. I have shown you this jacket twice from ZARA, and it shows that despite its strong color, we can use it for any look we have in mind. You’ll always get it right and look great.

I hope you have loved this post and that you´ll be inspired every week to try and choose new styles.

Next week I promise to come back in time. I hope you have an incredible week and meanwhile, dress with color and live with a lot of love.

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