Last rays of sun


Those hot summer days are just a memory. The cold is coming, and every time the sun appears, we can’t help but enjoy it as if it was the last day.

I don’t know exactly when it was the last time I was sunbathing on the beach, but it was a long time ago. I like the sun, I love to enjoy days full of light to do everything that makes me happy but I recognize that my complexes have made a dent. I always tell you that we must control our complexes and not let them control to ourselves, because they will always remain there, but we all have weaknesses and of course, so do I. Those moments of weakness, sadness and negativity are crucial because we often make wrong decisions without thinking about them or meditating on them as we should. But it is allright, everything has a solution.

I invite you to take some time, to meditate, to reflect and to know clearly who you are and your purpose is. What do you want to give and how do you want to transmit it. In my case, my purpose today is to share with you all my return to the beach. A sense of peace, perhaps because it was deserted, but to feel the wet sand between my little fingers has been magnificent. (Then the pain in the ass is to remove all the sand, which sometimes is like an engineer´s work). It has certainly been the beginning of what will be a thousand stories written in the sand.

It was somewhat improvised, because the Outfit I had prepared is not a beach Look but you cannot imagine how much I enjoyed it, and after all, it is about that, enjoying life. I am convinced that after this post, many more will come, on the beach with lingerie or swimsuits to show you the best; and by the way, I want you to enjoy the incredible views we have in the Basque Country.

Once again, “for a change” (note the sarcasm), I bring you a skater cut floral print dress, with diaphanous Japanese style sleeves, helping us feel more comfortable and disguising those areas with which some do not feel completely safe. And what to say about the neckline? Sensual, it enhances the chest and collects it making it a subtle and feminine cleavage.

We’re preparing something very special these weeks. Many of you ask me for brands specializing in large sizes and lately I focus on showing Oversize items that you can find in large industries, but it is also important that you do not fear the specialized shops and I encourage you to find what you seek, it being something youthful and actual.

I will show you firsthand El Corte Inglés Fall/winter season, with brands such as Couchel, Síntesis and Antea among others, so you can see that it is possible to dress with the clothing of specialized brands without thinking that all garments are for older women.

As an ambassador of El Corte Inglés brand, it is my duty to teach you everything and I will do it with all the love of the world. We’ll also add Christmas looks and I’m sure you’ll love it.

To finish, the incredible dress that I show you is from ZARA WOMAN (new). You can find it both in the stores and online, is beautiful and perfect for any occasion. A street style perfect for day or night, which will transform itself with the shoes that you like. A leather jacket or a coat are the perfect allies and you will stand out wherever you go.

I hope you have a perfect weekend, and meanwhile, dress with color and live with a lot of love.

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