The perfect peplum


As we enter in the autumn, the cold makes its appearance, so it is essential to wear a halftime jacket or coat of that saves us from a good cold.

For those days in which we don’t know what to wear or for all those who leave home very early and arrive very late, the ideal would be wearing a halftime jacket or coat and pairing them with a summer blouse. Like those Jeans that can’t be missing from our wardrobe or the flat shoes that save us from a foot pain, peplum blouses or shirts should not be missing either.

Every year there is a garment that is made strictly thinking about the catwalk and its possible appearances in fashion editorials. In reality, designers do not bet on it at commercial level, as they are garments that people would never dare to wear, so they are just a matter of image, to show trends, colors, shapes and fabrics on a unique catwalk and with a lot of personality. Both in this season and the previous, it has made its stellar appearance and it’s not strange to find that garment. Its versatility and comfort is appreciated by all.

The peplum is a piece of superfluous frill-shaped fabric that is sewn at waist height on skirts, trousers or even tops. Its function, according to the designers, is to accentuate the feminine figure, especially the waist and the hips.


Although it was originally the traditional Greek-Roman tunic without sleeves clasped to the shoulder, it refers to that rigid apron or flounce that some skirts incorporated, jackets and dresses in the forties. It can be used for both day and night, brings a retro touch to any style and is 100% feminine, even if it is incorporated into a look with jeans.

It is perfect for those who have a squarer figure and want to enhance the waist, so that it looks like a very sensual hourglass silhouette. It is also great for those who want to disguise the abdomen and don’t like to excessively show their conflict zone. In short, this type of cut looks wonderful.

The Outfit that I bring this week is very simple and versatile, since changing the jacket and footwear can give it a total 360 ° turn to the Look without having to think too much. Perfect for a Working girl, a classic street style that will stay with us for a long time.

The look is totally ZARA WOMAN, the jeans are from the ‘ Love Your curves ‘ section, elastic and adjusted, they give you mobility and can be found in different shades, the plaid peplum with an uncovered back tied by laces (not seen in the photos but it looks great) and the Suede jacket I showed you earlier in the spring; one that Inditex has released shorter versions and a wide range of colors. The feel of it is amazing and the color brings light and joy to anything that you wear.

The boots are from Sam Edelman (old) and although I’m not one of those people that wear flat shoes (I find it more comfortable to go with a little heel) the sole is adaptable and elastic, and it moves as if it were a sock.

I hope you liked it and that you are anxious to know that I will bring you next week.

Have an amazing weekend and meanwhile, dress with color and live with a lot of love.

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