Extreme softness


The cold has arrived and this season offers us wool and velvet garments to wrap ourselves with sweetness and warmth in the iciest days.

In this season, one of the star garments is the sweater, is presented in a myriad of colors, mixing fabrics and textures and above all, presenting as a star garment for both day and night; On the other hand we have the velvet, a soft and very warm fabric that this season creates all kinds of garments.

No wonder we find ourselves with dozens of different tendencies. In each pre-season, each designer shows us his wide range of colors, fabrics and prints. All of this, of course, following a clear and defined pattern in the fashion world.

For that very reason, if there is a trend that stands out among celebrities, it is certainly the velvet. Discreet, elegant and sophisticated, this delicate fabric draws its most feminine side impregnating the whole textile sector in blouses, dresses and skirts with clear romantic inspiration. Of course, if we had ever been told that a simple fabric could be the paradigm of femininity, we would have never believed it.

In a more working style, in the form of bucolic pieces or through the most suggestive tops, velvet is a soft fabric, in all kinds of colors that forces you to have an Outfit that is not overdone, although you don’t have to comply with this rule rigorously. The most notable tones in the print are black, red, blue and pastel colors. It is an ideal trend for light winter dresses or to give a more romantic touch to all types of halftime garments. In this way, his naïf and relaxed image returns with strength each season to give a different touch to the day to day looks.

To be able to wear Velvet in a correct way, it is best to opt for the classic version with smooth hair. The most used chromatic duo in fashion will always be a good option to get a nice and beautiful styling. In addition, if you add some jewelry that stands out, it can also be used for formal moments.

Even still, fashion changes constantly and we are the ones deciding what colors and how to wear them.

In the this week’s Outfit, I wanted to show a very different look from what you usually have seen with me, because as I’ve been saying from the beginning of my blog, the best thing is that we can be chameleonic and dress in any way, testing and innovating our own styles, going from the most basic or sporty to the most elegant and sophisticated.

The jeans from LEVI´S is very comfortable and adaptable to the curves (old), the Velvet blouse with thin straps from H&M (old) contrasts with the velvet jersey from last year’s winter season of ZARA WOMAN, although this season we can find them again with softer and combinable colors (I will show you in the next post) in long and short cuts. The awesome black glittering sneakers (I’ve been nuts since I saw them) are from PRIMARK (old).

I hope you liked it and that you’ll wait excitedly for what I’ll show you next week.

I hope you have a good weekend, and meanwhile, dress with color and live with a lot of love.

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