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A colorful life always is better

Over these six months that I’ve been with all of you, I have spoken about overcoming obstacles, about the fight and the effort, the sacrifice that a challenge like this has been, and is, for me.

Giving advice is easy, speaking from my experience and conveying all my strength and love, but bringing you confidence and acceptance of ourselves it is more complicated when not always everything is a bed of roses. The road is full of obstacles and one must overcome them as time goes by. That’s why I can’t help but open my heart to you and encourage you to do the same; think of you, put your life in order, and as I always say… fill it with lots of color and love!!

One of my complexes is having a large and very perky butt. I know that there are women who pay for surgery to add volume to their butts, but due to my great physical illness change, complexes invade my head and I must work every day to make my body and mind better, to turn into someone strong and with courage, able to face any adversity that the universe puts in front of it. Is not a part that worries me a lot, but when I have a day more sensitive than normal, I feel like nothing looks good on me.

It is something that i, together with many of you, am going to overcome, we must accept ourselves and when we start the day with the wrong foot, we must look at the sky so our crown never falls from our head.

Acceptance is complicated; I love and respect all those women who love their body and love it every moment so that nothing and no one makes them think otherwise. It is a lot of work, an effort that never ends. I am a spokesperson of sacrifice, of the daily struggle and the mental and physical pain resulting from a long illness, but if I look back, I realize the personal and professional breakthrough that I have had, whatever the bumps in the road that I’ve had to overcome along the way.

My blog is not only about fashion, or tips, or about learning to combine certain items. My blog is love, is passion and a lot of character. Character to cope with everything, to work and sweat the pain. Character to teach but also to learn. Because I also learn. I am learning to appreciate even more the treasure that is to have the necessary tools, work and voice to make you stronger, make you unique and make you yourselves.

Help you in your silence, with your fears, and that’s what is makes me happy to spend hours and hours, until very late in the night trying to prepare the best for you, the people that spend some of your time to reading this little part of me.

Today we don’t talk about fashion?

Of course we do, because that will never change, so pay attention because I bring you a look that I love.

To the ones that follow me weekly, you already know that my Achilles heel are skater dresses. I’m mad about these versatile garments that fit us, the curvy girls, so well. And it is not surprising, because the skater cut helps to conceal those complicated areas like the abdomen or the hips, and they flatter our figure. Prints have a very important role because we must be careful when using them, and they will be a key point to define our look as something totally ‘in’ or a total disaster. Remember, try to minimize the print in problem areas to not add volume and if the print is large, It should be as widespread as possible. If you want to get more volume, do the opposite and put all the big print in those areas you wish to highlight.

Today’s Outfit is super simple but its color helps us dress ourselves without needing to use accessories. The dress is from ZARA (new), the in-between season tights are from CALZEDONIA and the shoes are from STRADIVARIUS (old). The warm colors give us life and these tight shirt dresses fit so well that it is inevitable to feel sexy. It is one of the basic garments in my wardrobe and I encourage you to get one, so that it is not missing in yours.

I hope that you liked it and that you have a great weekend.

Until next week, and meanwhile, dress with color and live with a lot of love.

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