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The new slogan from Zara is being the talk of the moment and is revolutionizing social media. The add came on February, like I told you on this post (https://janireazkueta.com/bienvenido-2017/9), Zara was going to increase the sizes little by little to see how it worked.

We appreciate the gesture, but there are still a lot of obstacles to overcome.

The image of one of their shops in Dublin was the first to explode when an Irish radio presenter ( Muireann O’connell) jumped to twitter to complain about it and that turned on the alarm.

Although it is true that the photo doesn’t match the slogan, at least the sizes are somehow similar to the curvy standard, without reducing fabric and making them elastic, in my opinion that is a positive point in spite of their enormous blunder. We did a test with some trousers of the “Love your curves” campaign, and even if only one size up has been added, I think that the slogan should be used with a bigger range of sizes, varying from size 44 EU to size 48-50 EU, for a start.


If we take into account that the size chart starts on the 32 EU size, it doesn’t show diversity at all, and it doesn’t mention the curves.

Given that models use a 34 EU size, it’s not surprising that people have taken this as an insult.

As you know, I am a professional plus size model, I love Zara and I am in favor of the changes, but the add would have done better using models that met the requirements. I wear a size 46, and although there are garments that don’t fit me, I know my body and knowing how to style it, I find ideal clothes.

( Synthetic leather dress and coat from Za Woman, black tights from Calzedonia)

big group like Inditex, shouldn’t be struggling to adapt to the classic Prêt à porter (French expression that refers to the fashion garments produced in series and with patrons that they repeat depending on the demand) started as an ideal to dress women of all types and sizes, adding more sizes shouldn’t be a problem. Production would be huge, but a lot of curvy women wish to find and buy on shops where the designs are inspired by big designers and haute couture. If the demand today is for plus size and curvy women, why don’t they produce what society needs?

Have we traveled to the 50s where only rich and powerful women had access to chic clothing?

Even though prices have skyrocketed from some years ago until now, the cost could not be comparable with the 80€ on average that plump women have to spend to buy a sad jean on a specialized shop.

Is it that Zara and the Inditex group in general hate fat women?

Girls, I am fat and have a lot of complex, but I’m not dumb and I am aware when something looks good on me or not. I believe that some garments fit us even better than the traditional models. Judge for yourselves, these are curves and not the girls from the damned “Love your curves” add.

Yes, despite of my complex I accept my curves and I am proud to have my own brand of style, to be an inspiration for a lot of women, and above all I am happy to bring you positive things.

We should see posters of real models that are an example, not little girls that don’t know how to defend a size that they could not have, not even doubling themselves.

Zara, we are curves, we are fashion, we are style and we are here to step hard.

I hope you liked this post and that you risk trying something new, I’m sure you will be surprised.

Meanwhile, dress with color and live with a lot of love.

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