Dazzling New Year’s eve


What do we wear on New Year’s Eve?

The Christmas holyday parties continue, a time full of dinners, special events and parties where we reunite with friends and family.

Like every year, we have a million doubts about what we want or should wear on New Year’s Eve.

Keeping in mind that we have more clothes than we need and that we end up choosing the classic black, each year the prospects are very similar.

Even so, this season we must include the precious velvet that I live; his soft touch, bright color, comfort and warm fascinate me.

What garments should I choose?

The dresses are the most desired garment for the nights out. It doesn’t matter the length but the Christmas colors will always be the first in line. The red, gold and black are a must , the sequins, the rhinestones and the velvet as the star garment of this Autumn-Winter season, can’t be absent in this important dates.

The metallic effect and the shine came trading loudly and any of these options would ve great to choose the New Years Eve outfit.

Don’t wait another minute and start thinking of the perfect outfits for each occasion you won’t have to improvise them for your commitments.

Let’s take advantage of the liberty that the fashion gives us to shine without fears or complex about fabrics or color.

My proposal

I have to confess that I’m a little scared to wear such a pronounced neckline, and you will ask yourselves “you do photo shoots or you walk on the catwalk in lingerie and now you are ashamed of wearing a deep neckline?” But yes, i have shame. I am not used to showing it, at least not directly. My job is my job, and we visualize it from a fashion point of view, it is never a sexual thing. However, going outside in the street with a deep neckline and being the center of attention it feels a little uncomfortable for me.
Nevertheless I do it because I like it, it’s disconcerting but I like to feel feminine, sensual and powerful, and what the heck!! Showing our body because that is what it is for. We must not feel ashamed of our body and here is when I must learn and be uninhibited, I must reflect and realize that all that complex are also on my mind.

This amazing blue and black sequin and velvet top from ZARA Autumn has been a success, but not as much as the dress with the same design witch has caused feeling. Another plus for Amancio Ortega. It is very comfortable and elastic, ideal for curvy girls that don’t want to feel oppressed. I have opted to combine it with a black tulle skirt from PULL & BEAR, that has an elastic band and is very comfortable and my adored TED BAKER dress coat, without a doubt one of my favorite treasured garments. It is an English brand with an exquisite taste for women fashion although they make also menswear.

I know some of you are preoccupied because I have yet to talk about brands that are really specialized on plus size clothes but give me some time; I promise I will cover all the options for all the curvy girls, with different bodies and curves.

Meanwhile, dress with a lot of color and live with a lot of love.
Happy New Years Eve and I wish you to start the year the best way possible, smiling and with a thousand positive projects ahead.

I love you!!

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