Do you know what is really on trend? Mixing styles, contrasts… but, what does that mean? We often go crazy wanting to be an “it girl” and society’s pressure about fashion is so big that we frustrate and crush ourselves in excess, and we end up losing our personality.

Fashion has become global, a direct result of the new technologies. Just with a computer we can access international online shops from American brands (provided that Trump doesn’t put up a wall), or we can buy on an E-commerce at the same time as other people from all cultures. This world is so global that influences the street style. Before, the looks were more territorial, but now with a mobile we can inspire us in a moment with looks of influencers from many countries without being confined to one style; and this openness of mind and taste is projected and reflected in the trends.

With all this, the pressure that we put ourselves on is such that we don’t stop to think about what is around us. Turning ourselves into puppets controlled by the big brands and falling like that in a loop, a black hole from which it will be then difficult to disengage from.
It is great that fashion interests us and that we want to be up to date, but not if it means that we have to lose our essence.

Now we can deduce that options are more numerous, and in the combination that each person makes is where individuality and personality are. What strikes me the most is that the options are so open, that people who create trends had to dive into history to recover garments from the past and to mix them with more actual fabrics or patterns, which is why every two years we rotate the last decades.

But not only we go back to the past in our explosive combinations…when we want to find our style, spring 2017 tells us that we must be risky and that is why I repeat so often that you must risk dressing in clothes or colors that you have not previously tried.


Do you dare take a risk and combine colors?

Pink with red, yellow with purple and green… The multicolored looks are sweeping runways and in the streets with the most trendy girls.
In the outfit of this week I wanted to blend pastels, breaking the look with an angora sweater in a pistachio green tone. Without a doubt another of the colors that is booming and that dresses us providing character and turning a working girl into a groundbreaking and self-confident woman.

 Although is not a combination of a lot of striking colors, providing that touch of color and light will help us be the center of everyone’s attention without having to fall into the vulgar or the excess .
Start to try and risk with small garments and that way it will be much easier and manageable.
You will find this romantic and so spring-like floral print dress in KOIMA and although it is one size fits all, is very loose-fitting and flowy, with loose sleeves that will help girls with wide arms not to feel constricted. The angora jersey is from MICHAEL KORS (old), it feels incredibly soft. Shoes are from ZARA, and they have comfortable heel despite it being thin.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed once again this week’s post, and I hope that you have a great weekend.
Meanwhile, dress with color and live with a lot of love.

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