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Many years ago, oriental fashion was an exotic resort we could allow ourselves sometimes. We believed that we had to literally copy their attire so we could look like Asian women, and that that was the only way to achieve it. 

Nowadays there are other resorts to get a styling that reminds us of orient without being obvious or clichéd and without offending anyone.

It’s not the first time we see garments with an oriental touch, seeing as on 2013 -14 some designers choose to use some classic elements of Asian fashion for their collections.

The first brands to bet on these elements were ones like Emilio Pucci or Jean Paul Gaultier. The oriental floral, tiger and dragon prints abounded.

Their secret was creating garments that mixed their items with more classic details. Since then, oriental lines have continued being a trend on fashion and they will still be on 2017.

Generally we will see garments that evoque a design that is purely oriental, with dresses similar to those that the geishas wore or simply floral details that combined with a more informal style offer us an exotic touch.

What elements show the oriental style?

Last September on Milan´s fashion week we could see that the collection that Praga presented was set on this style. Mao necklines, kimonos, geisha style sandals among others, things that we will continue seeing and that we will have very present all year round.

And we don’t only see it on big brands, these days you can find them almost in every shop.

Massimo Dutti boosted oriental prints on last year’s Autumn/Winter collection called “Oriental Blessings” and it will keep on offering these garments with many other shops.

Makeup is also important

Make up is one of the first cards on our deck. We can opt for soft colors that emphasize the eyes paired with a big black cat-eye eyeliner. This way we will give the illusion of more slanted eyes, which will give us a sensual and striking touch.

As for the hair, to avoid falling for the obvious, which would be Japanese style straight hair or the typical Chinese bun, I think the most interesting option is a high and polished bun.

Some fabrics like a bi-color floral print or a shinny silk have enough evocative force and don’t need more accessories for them to look like an oriental style outfit.

In my case, this week I bring you a simple outfit that you can wear day or night, depending on the footwear, hair or accessories you pair it with.

You can find the dress on the web of ZARA Woman (or on the shops depending on the stock); it has a beautiful floral design that simulates cherry tree flowers.

I hope you like it and that you have an incredible weekend.

Meanwhile, dress with color and live with a lot of love.

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