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Throughout my years as a curvy woman, I have had to endure and to listen a lot of stupid things. In fashion, the modesty of showing something “out of the ordinary” is such that we have been carried away by absurd assumptions and that has limited the way we dress and be ourselves.

“Chubby women can’t wear tight clothing,” “If you have extra pounds you shouldn’t wear leggings” and “black Slims” are just some of the phrases I’ve heard so far and it’s something that makes me very moody. The reality is that curvy women can look just as amazing and beautiful as regular girls. And no, you do not need to lose weight to use a particular garment, if you take the decision to lose weight, it must be for yourself, your health or because you just want to do it.

Nowadays there are no rules. It is time to break paradigms, to dare and use all those garments, colors, cuts and prints that you always wanted. Leave the black color behind or at least on a secondary plane. And yes, although “it slims“, try to include new colors in your closet because you`ll be surprised.

Lose your fear and wear a pencil skirt, experiment and challenge the fashion world. Say ‘ au revoir ‘ to sack like clothes and mega oversize clothing that does not do you justice or show the world what you are.

Cheer up and wear the tight clothing that highlights your curves and makes them look wonderful, and if you still have qualms, and facing your body is hard, try doing it little by little like in today’s outfit, using a fitted garment with another that is a little looser.

Do you want to know what is the secret to feeling great about yourself when you’re chubby?

Then change your attitude.

It is the key point to enjoy and give priority and importance to what it really is important! It’s time to go out on the street being proud of who we are. To be you; to feel beautiful, feminine, sensual, overwhelming. Look in the mirror before you leave home and feel how amazing you are inside and and/or outside. Nobody gets to manage your happiness because you are not puppets, you are queens. Powerful Queens full of emotion and charisma. Full of passion and beauty.

You are the owners of your life, therefore live it honestly, with humility, simplicity and especially with a lot of happiness. Fall in love with your body, your mind and spirit! Show your curvy body and walk with attitude. If you look beautiful, you will be seen as beautiful; because what you carry inside is what you project to others.

You have to believe it and to do it daily, every moment. Because your value is infinite, pure.

The outfit I’ve chosen today is appropriate to enhance curves; A pencil-trimmed skirt from STRADIVARIUS  (old) that I wanted to combine with a flared blouse with little pearls that bring a lot of light from ZARA WOMAN (new) and low-heeled shoes also from ZARA TFR (new). A really “Working girl” look, ideal for work or for an after work event, it would look amazing and is so versatile that you can use it for any time of the day. A spectacular and simple street style that makes you feel super comfortable and feminine.

I hope you liked it and that you expect the next post eagerly.Have a wonderful week and meanwhile, dress with color and live with a lot of love

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