Welcome 2017



Christmas comes to its end and with that the unforgettable and hard to repeat moments come to an end that leaves them on our memories.
It is time to return to routine and working without rest.

Embark on a new cicle

Starting the year is hard. Since I was a little girl I have had the feeling of a loop; starting from scratch over and over again causes me sadness. I know it’s nothing bad, time gifts us experience, knowledge, incredible people, affection (…), it’s not about measuring it in hours, weeks or months. Years pass but the feeling that I get it’s like if it was a broken relationship; there are special moments, bad ones, sad ones… And for some reason all ends and you have to start again. So to take on the New Year with positivity and without bad feelings, how about we prepare new outfits and treat ourselves buying something comfortable?


To finish with my favorite dates, I have chosen a very comfortable outfit, even if it seems a formal style, you can pair it up with some sneakers and a disheveled bun.
The pants (one of my favorites) are from Ridley (on sale in asos.com/es), the shirt is from Zara and it’s very loose,  the male coat is from Zara (new) and de mini bag from Michael Kors (old).
Can we find plus size clothes on ZARA or the Inditex Group?
The answer is negative, but on their favor I can say that they are opting more and more for the bigger sizes ( with patience, it’s not going to be fast), and even it that hasn’t happened with all the garments, you can get this coat on a XXL size.

Personally, it doesn’t fit my curves very well because I have a big bottom and wide hips, and it always ends up pulling and leaving ugly folds, even then the bubble cut that some of them have (on top of being a trend) looks better on curvy women with less bottom and thinner hips.
Without a doubt this “male coat” will balance your figure.
That said, I want to leave very clear that you must wear the clothes that you like and make you feel good. Regardless of what anyone says (even me). Your personality is yours and no one should change that. Love and appreciate yourselves because you are unique.

I hope you like this and you have a thousand ideas on what to wear this Three Wizards Kings Day.
Meanwhile, dress with color and live with a lot of love.

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