Sweet spring


In 2016 there was a lot of talk about spring with lamé finishes (metalized), where the garments and shoes dazzled by themselves, and it looks like this season is going to go in the same direction.

Once of the trends we will talk most about this season are ruffles and floral prints , transparencies, polka dots, colorful stripes, metallic garments and clothes with different prints at the same time (that I abhor). We have pink as the predominant color, but khaki, passion red and yellow will also be there.

An irreverent spring trend

Another thing that I’m in love with this season is garments with ruffles and flow. For us curvy girls it’s something that helps us a lot. We can be comfortable and light without feeling tight, and that is the best on very hot days; it gives us security and that translates on seduction and confidence, and of course we dress perfectly and fashionably…

On the other hand I have to add that the most striking garment will be without a doubt skirts. Above all the midi and pleated ones on extremely bright colors.

Shine, shine and more shine

If you feel like a magpie with shiny things like me, your eyes will be glued to the shop windows, although like I said metalized clothes are not my thing, so my wallet will thank me. Mind you, what I will not spend on lamé finishes… I will spend on floral prints and transparencies!! What a dangerous situation.

On the next Posts you will see my new floral and transparent acquisitions? They drive me crazy!

Today’s look

Polka dots are one of the more “in” trends of the Spring/Summer season this year and if they are small they don’t add more volume.

Even if ruffles and flowy garments give a sensation of amplitude, be sure to choose small dots and they will look great on any woman with different curves.

If you tend to wear dresses, blouses or skirts with floral prints, make sure to wear garments with a nice fall and that the design covers the fabric but without filling it all.

The jacket that I have chosen is made of comfortable suede, its available on pink and beige, and it’s from Zara Woman; the dress (which also has a matching top with a bow on the neckline) is from Zara TFR. I’m really happy with this outfit and I’m sure I will use it a lot.

Something I have to emphasize from these garments is:

The jacket is elastic and the Mao neckline makes the neck appear longer, thinning the face and making us look more stylized.
The dress has very comfortable sleeves, and since they are a little bit longer, they cover some zones that we don’t like to show, liberating us without having the need to wear a jersey to cover.

Without more delay, I hope you like my new proposal and that you dare to go out of your comfort zone and try wearing new things.

I wish you an incredible weekend.

Meanwhile dress with color and live with a lot of love.

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