Colors that make you happy


Spring is here and it´s time to enjoy striking colors. Nature gives us incredible landscapes so…

Why not take advantage of the pretty things?

This season, as I have been saying before, floral prints are the order of the day, and what could be better than filling our wardrobe with color?

There is nothing better that surrounding yourselves with warm colors that give good energy and positivity to the more gray moments.

Some time ago, when finding plus size clothing was a nightmare for a lot of us, the few options that we had depressed us even in summer. The sparse specialized shops made us dress like old ladies, we had to renounce to style and above all color.

We all know that black is slimming and we also know that the kilograms are not going to melt and that they will be in the same place, so stop dressing like you are in mourning and let’s join color.

It is also true that black is elegance, sophistication and a classic that never fails, but you have to know how to use it and vary, trying different styles that take us outside of our comfort zone, because monochromatic garments are not always a good decision.

For me, going inside a plus size shop was a nightmare , I suffered with everything; mainly because people looked at me with disgusted faces, making fun of the reason why you had to go inside for ( at least that was my perception) , secondly because all the garments were dark, shapeless and boring, lifeless.

Adding all that to the fact that I was a young woman and that I had very low self-esteem, buying clothes was torture.

Luckily and thanks to the thousands of demands and movements in favor of curves and equality in the fashion world, the possibilities of finding something totally chic and big is available to anyone.

Options are increasingly more abundant and that gives us the liberty to express our feminity and taste, even weighing more.

Who would have told us?

Now dressing ourselves is that easy that we have to control how much we spend. One of the things that I keep in mind when I go shopping is that once in a while is good to opt for garments that I would never have worn before. Changing and opening yourselves to other things gives you a different perspective and allows you to play and combine clothes never losing your essence.

In my case, I die for dresses. I feel very comfortable in them, tights give me comfort and elasticity and as I always opt for the skater cut, the movement of the dress makes me feel free and without pressures, even when I have a very busy day.

Street style dresses

I love the outfit that I have chosen today, the street style dress has a lot of possibilities; from combining it with jeans as you see in the pictures, shorts or another satin or cotton dress, or a skirt underneath. Pairing it with a blouse or a basic shirt it looks amazing!!

You can find the pants on the ASOS website, the blouse is from ZARA (old) and the dress is from the new collection of ZARA TFR, the floral print is ideal and they are small so they won’t add any volume. I have enjoyed a lot wearing this dress for the first time and I am whishing for better weather so I can wear it again in a thousand different ways.

I hope you like this proposal and that you keep risking and trying new things.

Meanwhile, dress with color and live with a lot of love.

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