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How many of you have been dressed with smock knitted fabric when you were little?

The origin of the honeycomb or smock point goes back to 19th-century England. Pastors and English workmen used to wear a big cotton or thick linen blouse with embroidered smock point to cover their clothing as a protection.

This protective dress was called smock, it perfectly conformed to the silhouette but also allowed them the elasticity and comfort necessary to perform their jobs.

It was in 1880 when a children’s books illustrator, had the brilliant idea to use the smock also in the female children’s dresses and since then, this embroidery has passed from generation to generation, dressing the little ones of the family.

Today we can find it in any garment whether they are jeans, sweaters or blouses and their elastic fabric molds perfectly to our silhouette. Another reason to make us, the curvys, choose these embroideries in our everyday clothes. It dresses us and it brings comfort, fits our body and looks great.

We must not be afraid to emphasize our “imperfections” because they tend to be in strategic locations and although we believe that these items make us bigger, we are wrong.

In addition, the candy or baby blue, this crystal shade that fit us so well feel and that has made its mission provide sweetness to the summer and has crossed the ‘Pre-Spring’ border, taking also the summer by storm. Associated with freshness, calm or stillness, it is normal that it is present in the most serene and refined looks. This summer we will find it in its total form, crowning outfits from head to toe, but also cast between patterns, embellished with appliqués and deep into the autumn clothes.

This week’s outfit mixes nuclear white and camel which gives warmth to the look, making it simple and fresh.

Is it okay for any time of the day?

These garments are so versatile that its use is very broad. With the mix of the blouse and the jeans we get a more casual and trendy look. Whereas, if it is paired with a tailor type pants and high heels, we will be the perfect ‘working girl‘. Bare shoulders, combined versions and retro styles complete the safe bets of the ‘street style‘ that I will show you every week.

Is it necessary to mix soft hues with bold colors?

In fashion, nothing is mandatory, but there are a few rules to follow. When we wear plain clothing, it is advisable not to mix more than three different colors. Yet I always say than you should bet on the different and to dare and try to wear different colors and garments that you never though you would use. Coordinate and change colors, patterns, fabrics and all of that will make you unique.

The blue linen blouse with honeycomb detail on the chest and sleeves is from ZARA WOMAN (new), the white stretchy jeans are from ASOS (available on their website) and the shoes are from ZARA WOMAN (new, available now on sale). The chunky is heel super comfortable and you can wear them all day.

I hope that you liked it and that you have an incredible weekend.
Meanwhile, dress with color and live with a lot of love.

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